As we make the transition to our new enrollment system to better serve you, our grant services are closed as we put the finishing touches on the enrollment system. We are taking this step to further improve the experience of our patients and healthcare provider network by providing a faster, easier-to-use self-service portal. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please check back regularly for updates.

Alliance partners

Alliance partners

Our alliance partners are leading, national nonprofit organizations that are improving the health and well-being of millions of people each year, including PAN patients.

We partner with organizations that support the entire patient journey

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America is grateful to call the PAN Foundation partners in helping to meet the needs of the MS community.

Gina Ross Murdoch President and Chief Executive Officer Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

Our current partners

Alliance Partner Impact


Alliance partners in our network


Patients connected with follow-up services from alliance partners last year


Percentage of patients at PAN who say they need support beyond copay assistance

Patient Referrals

Our patient-friendly process

When patients are struggling with serious illnesses, the last thing they need is another complicated process or another reason to do research to find additional support. Fortunately, our process is simple.

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    Patient Expresses Interest

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    Partner Notified of Patient Interest

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    Conversation with Patient

Every patient who reaches out to PAN for financial assistance has the opportunity to connect to an alliance partner—not just grant recipients.

From there, a representative from the alliance partner will contact the patient by phone or email to get to know the patient, understand where they are in their treatment journey, and connect them with needed resources.


Our voices are stronger when we speak up on behalf of patients together.

In addition to providing PAN patients with follow-up support services, we join forces with our alliance partners to advocate for healthcare reform.

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