How eligibility works

The first step in applying for a PAN grant is to find out if you’re eligible

Who is eligible

Eligibility varies by disease fund and type of grant. In general, to qualify for a PAN grant, you (or your patient) must meet these criteria:

  • You’re getting treatment for the disease named in the disease fund.
  • Your prescribed medication must be listed as a covered medication for your disease fund.
  • You have health insurance that covers your qualifying medication or product. Note: health insurance requirements vary by fund.
  • Your income must fall at or below the federal poverty level specified by the disease fund.
  • You must reside and receive treatment in the United States or U.S. territories. Note: U.S. citizenship is not required.

You can apply for a PAN grant if you are:

  • Currently in treatment or taking medication for your diagnosis, or
  • Got treatment in the last 90 days, or
  • Scheduled to begin treatment in the next 120 days

Patients–or their caregivers—can apply for a PAN grant and manage the grant on their own. Healthcare providers and pharmacies may apply for PAN grants, and manage those grants, on behalf of their patients.

Fund status

Visit our disease fund list and search for your diagnosis or medication.

  • If a fund is available, it will show as “open.”
  • If a fund is not available, it will show as “closed.”
  • If a fund is available only to people on the wait list, it will show as “wait list only.”

Wait lists

If your fund is closed and you are eligible for that fund, sign up for the wait list. When the fund opens, we’ll contact you right away.

Before signing up for the wait list, check the fund’s eligibility criteria to make sure you qualify. The wait list does not guarantee eligibility, so checking your eligibility in advance can avoid delays when the disease fund opens.

You can also, sign up for FundFinder and get notified instantly when a fund opens at PAN or another charitable patient assistance foundation.

Eligibility for transportation grants

If you already have an active copay grant or health insurance premium grant, you are eligible to apply for a transportation grant. The transportation grant helps you pay for transportation to and from activities that improve your overall health. This can include transportation to and from grocery stores, pharmacies, medical appointments, social support, and more.

Eligibility for second grants

If your current PAN grant balance is $0 but you need more money to pay for medication before your eligibility period ends and the fund is open, you can apply for a second grant. If you’re approved, you must use that funding during your original 12-month eligibility period.

Eligibility for renewal grants

If your initial 12-month grant eligibility period has ended or is about to end within 30 days, and you need money for another 12 months, you may apply for a renewal grant if the fund is open. If approved, you will get a new 12-month grant. You can apply up to 30 days before the current grant period ends, even if you still have a grant balance. You can also apply after your initial grant period has ended.

What if I don’t meet eligibility criteria?

If you don’t meet the criteria for a fund, such as income level or treatment for a specific disease fund, you can learn about resources from our partner organizations or sign up for a free FundFinder account.