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Our collaboration with coalitions, our alliance partner network, and other like-minded partner organizations ensures that our collective voice is stronger when we advocate for critical healthcare reform.

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We work with leading patient advocacy and support groups to advocate for policy solutions that improve healthcare access and affordability for patients. Our work educates key stakeholders, including Congress, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the administration, about the impact and urgency of healthcare reform.

Medicare Access for Patients Rx 

Medicare Access for Patients Rx (MAPRx) is a coalition of organizations representing patients, family caregivers, and health professionals. Together, we are committed to safeguarding the well-being of patients with chronic diseases and disabilities who rely on prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D. A key focus of the coalition is Medicare reform that will enhance access and affordability of treatment. 

All Copays Count Coalition 

The All Copays Count Coalition includes more than 60 organizations serving the interests of people with complex and chronic health conditions who rely on co-pay assistance to afford life-saving medications. A key focus of the coalition is removing barriers to care caused by co-pay accumulator policies.  

Other patient coalitions 

We collaborate with other coalitions that represent the needs of patients with life-threatening, serious, and chronic illnesses to advocate for policies that will increase healthcare access and affordability.  

Alliance partners

People with serious health conditions—and their families and caregivers—need support beyond financial assistance.  

We partner with national patient advocacy organizations that offer help with the complex physical, emotional, and practical realities of life-threatening, chronic, and rare diseases. When patients come to the PAN Foundation for financial assistance related to a specific disease state, they can opt in to receive follow-up education and support services from a dedicated alliance partner.  

We also work with our alliance partner network on shared advocacy goals, bringing a cohesive and compelling voice to the affordability challenges faced by patients.  

Friends of PAN

In addition to our alliance partner network, we work with like-minded national organizations to raise awareness about the availability of financial assistance, connect patients with needed resources, and advocate for patient-centered reforms. We work with: 

  • Patient advocacy organizations 
  • Organizations focused on older adults and aging services 
  • Public health agencies 
  • Healthcare provider associations  
  • Pharmacy organizations 
  • Caregiver groups 
  • Disability organizations 
  • Policy organizations 
  • Online community networks 
  • Academic institutions 
  • Health research organizations 

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