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As an advocate with the PAN Foundation, you join a passionate community of individuals dedicated to driving positive change for people living with life-threating, chronic, and rare diseases.

Here, you’ll gain a better understanding of the key issues impacting patient access to affordable, equitable healthcare in the U.S. We’ll also offer opportunities for you to take action such as participating in our online calls to action, joining us for our annual Advocacy Action Summit, and contributing to our storytelling opportunities.

Join us in advocating for a future where everyone can access quality healthcare without barriers. Your journey as an advocate for improved healthcare access and affordability starts here.

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Urge Congress to end harmful copay accumulator programs

Person using phone and looking at their medication prescription bottle

The Help Ensure Lower Patient (HELP) Copays Act (H.R. 830/S.1375) would prohibit the use of harmful copay accumulator adjuster programs (CAAPs), which are used by private insurance plans to prevent third-party copay assistance from counting towards a patient’s deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

Many people with serious diseases can’t afford their medication without copay assistance and these programs are preventing them from getting the care and treatment they need and deserve.

Introduced in February 2023 by Representatives Buddy Carter (R-GA) and Nanette Barragán (D-CA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, with a companion bill introduced by Senator Rodger Marshall (R-KS) in April 2023, the HELP Copays Act has bipartisan support, but we need your help to get it passed.

Join our Advocacy Action Summit

The PAN Foundation’s Advocacy Action Summit is an annual opportunity for advocates to make their voices heard on issues related to healthcare access and affordability. Each fall, we bring together advocates—in-person and online—to advocate for key policies. More information about the 2024 Advocacy Action Summit will be available later this summer.

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Use your voice to inspire others! Many of our most passionate advocates and changemakers are patients and healthcare professionals just like you. Share your experience and give hope to others in the PAN community.

Get to know PAN voices

One of the best ways to advocate for access to affordable and equitable healthcare is to get to know the patients who are directly impacted by this issue.

Learn about key issues

Knowledge is power. That’s why the PAN Foundation helps you understand the complexities of healthcare access issues with in-depth explainers on Medicare reforms, copay accumulators, alternative funding programs, and more. Our guides are accessible to anyone, including patients, family and caregivers, healthcare providers, advocates, and policy makers.

Celebrate our victories

Millions benefit from key Medicare reforms

Advocating for equitable and affordable healthcare access works. Read about how our efforts, with the support of our advocates and allies, resulted in key Medicare reforms that expanded healthcare access and capped annual out-of-pocket medication costs for people with Medicare Part D.

Advocates from across the country meet with legislators on Capitol Hill

In 2023, a passionate coalition of more than 40 patients, family members, and caregivers representing 15 states and one U.S. territory brought their message to Capitol Hill, engaging in 160 powerful legislative meetings. This historic event marked the PAN Foundation’s inaugural in-person Advocacy Action Day.