About the Disease

Heart failure (HF), also known as congestive heart failure, occurs when the heart muscle pumps less blood than normal. It is a chronic disease that affects the circulatory system. Subtypes include right-sided heart failure and left- sided heart failure.

Source: National Institutes of Health

Diagnosis Codes

ICD-10: I50.1, I50.20, I50.21, I50.22, I50.23, I50.30, I50.31, I50.32, I50.33, I50.40, I50.41, I50.42, I50.43, I50.810, I50.811, I50.812, I50.813, I50.814, I50.82, I50.83, I50.84, I50.89

Alliance Partners

Patients can receive free education and support services.

Mended Hearts provides resources and peer-to-peer support for all patients and families affected by heart disease.