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About the Disease

Uveitis is a retinal disorder that affects the middle layer of tissue in the eye wall. It is a rare disease of the nervous system.

Source: National Institutes of Health

Diagnosis Codes

ICD-10: D86.83, H20.00, H20.011, H20.012, H20.013, H20.019, H20.021, H20.022, H20.023, H20.029, H20.031, H20.032, H20.033, H20.039, H20.041, H20.042, H20.043, H20.049, H20.051, H20.052, H20.053, H20.059, H20.10, H20.11, H20.12, H20.13, H20.20, H20.21, H20.22, H20.23, H20.811, H20.812, H20.813, H20.819, H20.821, H20.822, H20.823, H20.829, H20.9 H30.001, H30.002, H30.003, H30.009, H30.011, H30.012, H30.013, H30.019, H30.021, H30.022, H30.023, H30.029, H30.031, H30.032, H30.033, H30.039, H30.041, H30.042, H30.043, H30.049, H30.101, H30.102, H30.103, H30.109, H30.111, H30.112, H30.113, H30.119, H30.121, H30.122, H30.123, H30.129, H30.131, H30.132, H30.133, H30.139, H30.141, H30.142, H30.143, H30.149, H30.20, H30.21, H30.22, H30.23, H30.811, H30.812, H30.813, H30.819, H30.891, H30.892, H30.893, H30.899, H30.90, H30.91, H30.92, H30.93, H44.111, H44.112, H44.113, H44.119, H44.131, H44.132, H44.133, H44.139

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