Recognize that charitable patient assistance programs provide a critical safety net in today’s healthcare system


Within today’s healthcare delivery system, charitable patient assistance programs provide a critical safety net for ensuring access to medically necessary treatment. 

Until policies ensure our nation’s most vulnerable patients can access medically necessary treatments, the administration and Congress must recognize that charitable assistance programs and foundations play a critical role in the healthcare safety net.

Charitable patient assistance is vital for patients with serious illnesses

Charitable patient assistance programs and foundations are a lifeline for patients who have no other means of covering their out-of-pocket medication expenses. Charitable patient assistance programs provide grants to eligible patients who are underinsured to help pay for the out-of-pocket prescription costs for a covered illness.

Millions of Medicare beneficiaries have limited incomes and multiple health conditions that require ongoing treatment. Without charitable assistance, these patients often have no other means to fill their prescription and start and stay on treatment.

Being retired and on a fixed income, the important support provided by PAN has had a very positive impact on our lives. Our thanks go out to the entire PAN family.

Joy, grant recipient