Pharmacist Stories

We provide a dependable way for your underinsured patients with life-threatening, chronic or rare diseases to receive critical financial assistance. 

See what pharmacists have to say about us below. If your organization is interested in working with PAN, contact Ayesha Azam, Vice President of Medical Affairs.

The PAN Foundation has helped many of our patients receive the life-sustaining therapies that they need.

Zeenal Patel, outpatient clinic coordinator


Easy application

Apply in minutes—online or by phone—on behalf of a patient.

Quick answers

Find out if your patient qualifies for assistance right away.

A full year of assistance

Get grant coverage—and peace of mind—for your patients for 12 full months.


FundFinder has saved me about an hour each day when researching and applying for financial assistance. 

Marsha Sneller, a lead certified pharmacy technician

“PAN’s turnaround time is great. When patients access grants quickly, it makes it easy for us and takes a lot of the stress off our patients.”

Wendy, pharmacy director

“Our goal is to get patients on therapy as quickly as possible. PAN’s portal allows us to do just that. Patients are approved quickly and move forward with treatment.”

Karen, patient advocate