Our enrollment process

As an organization dedicated to helping patients access treatment, the PAN Foundation takes pride in our simple, accessible, and easy-to-use enrollment process. We connect patients with the financial support they need in a compliant, yet timely, manner.

Patients—or their healthcare professionals—can easily apply for a grant, find out if they’ve been approved, and start using their grant in minutes.

Here are some benefits to our enrollment process:

  • Our grants are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and our funds stay open until the funding runs out. 
  • Patients can find out if they’ve received funding within 10 seconds of applying due to our innovative real-time income verification. 
  • Users can apply online through our portal or over the phone, allowing patients or healthcare professionals to choose the method they’re most comfortable with.  
  • If a disease fund closes due to funding running out, patients can join our industry leading disease fund wait list to be notified once funding becomes available again. We also provide real-time referrals to other funding opportunities, if available, on our website. 

PAN has helped so many of our patients to heal. The process is easy and takes very little time.

Victoria Corbett, RN

Eligibility requirements

To save time before applying for a PAN Foundation grant, patients—or their healthcare professionals—can confirm the patient’s eligibility. They can do this through our online eligibility tool, our online portals, or by calling our contact center.

We set eligibility requirements for each disease fund based on objective and uniform measures of patient need. The requirements for each fund are reviewed by our Medical Director, Clinical Affairs Department, Legal Department, and then approved by the Board of Director’s Patient Assistance Committee and published on our website once a fund opens.

To be eligible for a PAN Foundation grant, a patient must:

  • Be getting treatment for the disease named in the disease fund. 
  • Have health insurance that covers their qualifying medication or product. (Note: health insurance requirements vary by disease fund). 
  • Be prescribed a medication listed as covered in the disease fund being applied for. 
  • Have an income that falls at or below a percentage of the federal poverty level specified by the disease fund. 
  • Reside and receive treatment in the United States or U.S. territories. (Note: U.S. citizenship is not required). 

Patients can apply for a PAN Foundation grant if they are: 

  • Currently in treatment for their diagnosis,
  • Received treatment in the last 90 days, or
  • Scheduled to begin treatment in the next 120 days.

100 percent of applications submitted to PAN Foundation are audited in real-time to verify self-reported income, a third-party financial eligibility tool. We were the first charitable patient assistance foundation to implement such a process and have it approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Humans Services Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Application and approval process

Our standardized application process makes sure every patient has the same experience. We process applications on a first-come, first-served basis to ensure eligible patients have an equal opportunity to receive assistance and prevent preferential treatment to any individual or groups of individuals using a specific drug or product. Our standardized application process also prevents referral sources or donor interests from influencing eligibility or enrollment.

Patients—or their provider or pharmacy—can apply for a grant either online or over the phone. Our contact center regularly scores at least 9.5 out of 10 on our customer care satisfaction surveys.

To apply for a grant, PAN Foundation needs the following information about the patient:

  • Diagnosis and medications
  • Provider contact information
  • Health insurance information
  • Patient contact and demographic information
  • Adjusted gross annual household income
  • Number of people in household

It takes under 10 minutes to complete the application and, once submitted, patients will find out immediately if they’ve been approved. An official welcome letter and PAN Foundation identification card will be sent to the patient via email or by mail within 10-14 business days after approval.

All of PAN Foundation’s processes are designed to be compliant with OIG Advisory Opinions and Guidelines and were developed to prevent undue influence or fraud. To be compliant with OIG guidelines, specific processes prohibit us from interactions with hubs and sets requirements for which type of data we can’t receive or provide.

PAN has helped me for years, and the process to apply or renew is always so easy, and the people are fabulous.

Elizabeth Conrad, PAN grant recipient

Helping patients even when our funds close

Our broad patient reach and efficient enrollment system means our disease funds can sometimes open and close quickly as we connect patients to the financial assistance they need to start and stay on treatment. Our commitment to helping patients means we have put methods in place to make sure patients have every opportunity to find financial assistance, even if our fund is closed and awaiting further donor contributions to re-open.

Disease fund wait list

Patients, or their healthcare professionals, can add themselves to any specific disease fund wait list. Our disease fund wait list is a simple way to link patients to critical support as soon as a closed disease fund re-opens. The wait list works on a first-come, first-served basis, allowing patients on the wait list a chance to apply for a grant before the disease fund opens to the public. Then, based on available funding, patients receive a grant in the order they were added to the wait list, subject to meeting eligibility criteria. 

Referrals to other charitable assistance foundations

Whether applying online or over the phone, we offer real-time referral options on our website to other organizations and foundations that may offer funding for a specific disease fund when PAN Foundation is awaiting further funding. We are committed to connecting patients across the country with the financial assistance they need and deserve, regardless of the source. 


As part of our commitment to support patients even when funding at PAN Foundation is not available, we developed the first free web-based app to instantly alert patients and healthcare professionals about available assistance programs and support organizations, for fast and easy patient support. With over 70,000 users and growing, this award-winning platform offers real-time alerts about more than 200 assistance programs available across the U.S.  

Alliance partners

We collaborate with over 25 national patient advocacy organizations as part of our alliance partner model, collectively serving millions of patients each year. These alliance partners help support the entire patient journey through disease-specific education and tailored services—including disease education, support hotlines, support groups, and counseling services.

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