Disease fund formularies

The PAN Foundation creates a standardized list of medications for each disease fund, known as formularies, that are compliant with all applicable federal laws and regulations—including PAN Foundation’s Advisory Opinion 07-18 issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG). PAN’s formularies contain all prescription medications, including generic or bioequivalent drugs that are:

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Listed in official compendia

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Published in evidence-based or clinical guidelines

We maintain comprehensive formulary standard operating procedures and policies. These detail how we create, review, and approve formularies, as well as monitor and update formularies on a regular basis for each of our disease funds.

PAN publishes the complete formulary for each disease fund on our website for the public to access.

Formularies that reflect the latest treatment guidance

Treatment guidelines are constantly being updated as new research is conducted. We’re committed to ensuring our formularies reflect the latest treatment guidelines to assist our patients in accessing their treatments.

To create a formulary, we conduct a comprehensive review of medical literature and an examination of the covered medications by our team of clinical experts, including licensed pharmacists, our Medical Director, and partners with healthcare expertise. In addition, all existing medications in our formulary are reviewed and updated regularly. We are dedicated to researching new medical literature, data, and reports to ensure that our funds cover the latest medications that are allowed under our guidelines.

Compliant formularies

We regularly consult with clinical experts and licensed pharmacists to create and manage compliant formularies. The PAN Foundation covers all approved treatments for a diagnosis and does not limit assistance to high-cost or specialty drugs.

We have two types of formularies:

  1. All prescription medications, including generic or bioequivalent drugs, approved by the FDA, listed in official compendia or published in evidence-based or clinical guidelines for patients with the disease.
  2. If the FDA has approved only a single drug, or only drugs made or marketed by a single manufacturer or its affiliates, we expand the formulary to provide support for other patient medical needs. The formulary for these funds includes all prescription drugs for an FDA-approved indication related to both treating and managing the disease, including, but not limited to, drugs to treat the symptoms of the disease and prescription drugs to treat side effects of treatments.

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