Our national reach

Each year, the PAN Foundation provides financial assistance to tens of thousands of economically vulnerable patients with life-threatening, chronic, and serious illnesses across all 50 U.S. states and territories.

These patients represent all walks of life but have one thing in common—they need our help affording their out-of-pocket prescription costs to start and stay on treatment.

We work closely with hundreds of patient advocacy organizations, national and community-based organizations, and thousands of healthcare and pharmacy professionals to connect patients with the support they need and deserve.

US and territories map showing each state in a color gradient representing number of patients served in 2022
Map legend showing color gradient for number of patients assisted in 2022

Our diverse, national network

The PAN Foundation actively works with thousands of pharmacies, providers, and advocacy groups to reach patients and help them quickly apply for financial assistance so they can start and stay on treatment. Through our partnerships, we educate key stakeholders—including healthcare professionals and patients—about the critical role of charitable assistance foundations and how to apply for assistance. 

These partnerships include but are not limited to: health research organizations, patient advocacy organizations, academic institutions, national provider and pharmacy organizations, disability organizations, community-based organizations, caregiver groups, and public health agencies.

Health research organizations, Patient advocacy organizations, Academic institutions, National provider and pharmacy organizations, Disability organizations, Community-based organizations, Caregiver groups, Public health agencies

Reaching underserved communities

We have made an organizational commitment to making sure healthcare is affordable, accessible, and equitable for all. As a result, we engage diverse patient and provider groups along with historically underserved and marginalized communities through conferences, like the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, and our partnerships, such as with the National Rural Health Association.

Our unique patient support model

In addition, we collaborate with over 25 national patient advocacy organizations as part of our alliance partner model, collectively serving millions of patients each year. These alliance partners help support the entire patient journey through disease-specific education and tailored services—including wheelchair assistance programs, support hotlines, support groups, and counseling services. We also work alongside our alliance partners to advocate for long-term solutions to improve healthcare access, affordability, and equity for all.

Our outreach strategy

PAN’s multi-channel outreach strategy removes barriers and increases awareness of our services for patients who need assistance.

Online services

Our website and portals allow patients and healthcare professionals to check eligibility in real-time, find and apply for grants, and easily access information on how to apply for and manage a grant. We also offer email newsletters for patients and healthcare professionals, social media updates, and online education and resources, such as our Medicare reforms education hub.


Patients and healthcare professionals can also sign up for a FundFinder account. Our award winning and innovative app is the first of its kind, allowing users to browse a list of over 200 financial assistance programs, including the PAN Foundation. You can then follow any fund you want and get notified as soon as assistance is available. This resource already has sent over 1.6 million notifications to nearly 70,000 users and continues to grow and reach more patients in need.

Educational webinars

We offer virtual webinars on finding financial assistance, how to apply for grants, issues around health equity, and education around key Medicare reforms. We also partner with other patient assistance organizations to offer monthly webinars sharing information about copay assistance.

Advocacy support

We offer a centralized place to find resources relating to our advocacy work, helping patients and policy leaders take action on key healthcare access, affordability, and equity issues. Through social media, webinars, and information hubs on our website, we reach and engage with patients, healthcare professionals, and beyond to improve our community.

Conferences and events

We attend and participate in conferences across the country to connect directly with patients and providers and help facilitate the search for financial assistance. Our goal is to increase awareness of charitable patient assistance and serve as a resource on healthcare access, affordability, and equity topics for healthcare patient advocacy groups.

Language offerings

The PAN Foundation can communicate in 100 different languages to support patient need. PAN’s language line allows patients to call our contact center and connect with a translator so that all PAN patients can easily access information on how to apply for and manage their grants.