Our values

Dignity. Excellence. Integrity. Intention.

As one of the nation’s largest and most impactful charitable patient assistance foundations, the PAN Foundation recognizes that declaring the values that we stand for as an organization is foundational to communicating to the public about who we are and supports our ability to provide compliant, life-saving financial assistance to the patients we serve every day.

With input from team members across the organization and keeping patients at the center, we identified four organizational values that we are committed to upholding—dignity, excellence, integrity, and intention. Since our founding in 2004, these values have been at the heart of who we are and how we have worked.

By purposefully living out these values through our work, we will have an even greater impact on the people who need our support most.

Kevin L. Hagan, President and CEO, PAN Foundation


  • We treat our patients the way we would want our loved ones to be treated.
  • We see everyone as people first.
  • We base our work on trust and respect for one another.

I have worked in call centers and customer service before, and I would be so proud to have had anyone who works at PAN Foundation working on my team. They operate at a different level than most other organizations—showing empathy and kindness.

Phyllis Bass, PAN Foundation grant recipient


  • We deliver best-in-class assistance to patients with rigor and speed.
  • We carefully steward our resources to maximize our impact on patients.
  • We foster innovation to advance how we work and serve patients.

I feel the little donation I give every month to PAN Foundation could and will make a difference for somebody that is struggling to pay for their prescription copays.

Paula Lujan, PAN Foundation donor


  • We uphold the highest standards of conduct and compliance and safeguard the tremendous trust placed in us by patients, donors, and the public.
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions and results.
  • We pledge to be transparent and communicate openly and boldly to the public about our work.

By leading with honesty, upholding integrity, and being transparent, PAN Foundation leadership is showing its employees that they are valued—leading to greater staff engagement and a sense of loyalty to the greater good.

Brandon Budoo, Operations Supervisor, PAN Foundation


  • We strive to understand and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives in all that we do.
  • We serve as the voice for all patients and aim to create equitable access to the care they need.
  • We act as champions for those who need it most.

As a physician by training and advocate by choice, I’ve had the privilege of working with PAN Foundation staff to increase their awareness and understanding of health equity and why it matters. It’s clear to me that PAN is an organization that is taking intentional steps towards creating a culturally sensitive and competent workforce, while also prioritizing and fighting for equitable healthcare access for all.

Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron, physician executive, patient advocate, transformative change agent