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Our transportation assistance fund

Our transportation assistance fund provides financial support to people with life-threatening, chronic, and rare diseases to access affordable and reliable transportation to and from activities that improve their overall health outcomes. 

I can now schedule physician appointments and get my prescriptions from the drugstore without the concern of ‘how will I get there’ when driving is an impossibility and there are no volunteers or family to assist.

Patricia Reeser, living with multiple sclerosis

Impact of our fund

52 percent

increase in medication adherence

34 percent

increase in filling medications at the pharmacy 

29 percent

increase in attending medical appointments

Removing roadblocks to health

Increase access to healthcare services

Cost, distance, and access to transport are common barriers for why people are unable to get to their medical appointments or pharmacy. Most of our patients travel more than 10 miles to get treatment.  

For some, like Stephen Martin in North Carolina, it’s much farther. Stephen must make a 270-mile round trip each time he visits his Parkinson’s disease specialist. His story isn’t unique for many in rural America. Many rural hospitals have closed ahead of schedule over the last two years, quadrupling the amount of travel to the nearest facility. 

Whether people need to stay overnight, take a taxi, or fill up the gas tank for a long drive to their medical appointments, transportation assistance helps reduce the cost of travel for people already facing high costs of care.  

Bolster social connection and support

According to the TransitCenter, 21 percent of Americans over 65 do not drive, with the majority reporting that not driving contributes to their feelings of social isolation.     

Social isolation is a serious health risk, and 80 percent of our patients have reported spending most of their time alone, with concerns about social support. From visiting loved ones to accessing support groups, transportation assistance helps people stay connected and reduces the detrimental health impacts of isolation and loneliness. 

I live alone in a senior facility. Transportation has been a huge challenge for me to go to medical appointments as well as taking care of my personal needs. My grant from PAN has become an important source of relieving my financial burden.

Lucille Lee, living in California

Improve access to groceries and meals

One-third of PAN patients have reported facing limited or uncertain access to food. The challenge increases for people who are unable to drive or don’t have someone to take them. Our transportation fund offers a way to get to and from grocery stores, markets, food banks, or community centers for a healthy meal.  

My grant saves me over $50 a month that I can use for groceries.

Marilyn Goldberg, living with Gaucher’s disease

No other transportation program provides support for patients experiencing such a wide range of serious illnesses.

Help people on their way to wellness

Empower people with serious illnesses to independently access health needs

Our transportation fund helps people—regardless of where they live or their ability to drive—autonomously get to services and activities that support their health. If someone can’t get to and from activities that improve their overall health outcomes, including healthcare services, social connection and support, and healthy and nutritious food, they can’t live their healthiest lives. 

Provide flexible support based on each person’s unique needs 

With financial help from their 12-month grant, patients can choose the right type of transport for their mobility needs and geographic location, from a taxi or rideshare service, to a wheelchair-supported medical transport van, or even airfare and lodging for medical appointments that are farther away. 

We give people the autonomy and dignity to choose the option that best suits their specific needs. 

At times, I have procedures that prevent me from driving afterwards. Since there is no public transportation where I live, I have been able to use Uber rides when I am unable to drive myself.

Elizabeth Parrott, living with Parkinson’s disease

Offer a seamless user journey for the individual

It’s easy for patients or caregivers to apply either online or by phone, learning right away if they are approved for a grant. They will receive a pre-paid debit card authorized for eligible transportation expenses so that they have financial assistance available when and where they need it.  

With card spend limits and a fraud detection system in place, we’re providing maximum ease of use while simultaneously protecting the fund from potential misuse.  

Partner with PAN

Your support will help us maintain and expand this fund for people who need help getting to their healthiest selves, making sure that no one is left a few miles short of wellness. 

Help us improve health outcomes for those living with life-threatening, chronic, and rare conditions

Contact Leena Patel, Vice President of Development, to learn more how you can support healthcare access through transportation.