Spread out-of-pocket costs for treatment evenly through the year


Out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications should be spread more evenly throughout the benefit year. 

Congress, insurers, and other stakeholders should modify the structure of public and private insurance plans to spread out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications evenly over the course of the year so that patients can access and remain on the treatments they need. This strategy is also commonly referred to as “smoothing.”

Why smoothing can help Medicare beneficiaries access their medications

The structure of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans concentrates out-of-pocket medication costs early in the benefit year. This benefit design can have a devastating impact on patients who face high cost sharing at the beginning of the year for their essential medications.

As a senior, I want cost predictability. I don’t want to stay up at night wondering if my next prescription is going to cost $800.

George Valentine, Texas, living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Most patients cannot afford large out-of-pocket expenses all at once or over a short period but could afford the total cost if spread out evenly throughout the benefit year. 

Act now

Tell Congress to spread out-of-pocket costs more evenly through the benefit year for the 46 million Americans who depend on Medicare Part D.