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How to talk to your healthcare provider about out-of-pocket medication costs

Are you concerned about the out-of-pocket costs for a new medication? Ask the following questions at your doctor’s office to learn about possible cost savings on your prescription.

  • 1

    Can you or someone in your office help me find out how much this medication will cost out-of-pocket?

  • 2

    Is there an equally effective medication that may have lower out-of-pocket costs?

  • 3

    Does this medication have a generic equivalent that I can use?

  • 4

    Could a change in dosage or frequency help reduce my out-of-pocket costs, but still be effective?

  • 5

    Do you have samples of the medication to help me save out-of-pocket costs, at least for a month?

  • 6

    Can you or someone in your office help me check with my health plan to see whether a 30 – or 90 – day supply or mail order would be a better deal for me?

  • 7

    It is easier for me to pay one month at a time. Is it possible to spread out my payments? [For physician-administered drugs.]

  • 8

    Would it be cheaper to receive my treatment by infusion or IV instead of orally? [For patients receiving cancer treatment.]

  • 9

    Can you or someone in your office help me find financial assistance to cover my out-of-pocket costs?

  • 10

    Are there drug coupon discount cards for my medications? Note: this may only apply if you have commercial insurance.

  • 11

    Is there a charitable foundation that I can apply to?