Start a fundraiser

Make a bigger impact

Rally your family and friends to help patients in need!  

Every day, people living with serious and chronic illnesses are faced with heartbreaking choices, like deciding whether to buy groceries or pay for prescriptions. If you feel compassion for patients in need, take action and start a fundraiser to remove the barrier of cost and open the door for hope. 

How to fundraise

Hosting a fundraiser is easy, and we’re here to help. Here are three simple steps: 

Get started

I believe that fundraisers are a wonderful way to share any foundation's mission. Crowdsourcing donations has the added effect of building a network of donors that otherwise never would have been reached.

Katelyn Bradley, Colorado

PAN grant recipient and supporter

Tips for a successful fundraiser

Tell everyone  

Your friends and family can’t support your fundraiser if they don’t know about it! We encourage you to call, text, email, and post about your fundraiser on social media.  

While you’re sharing your fundraiser, keep in mind that your loved ones want to know why PAN matters to you. A personal story may inspire unexpected gifts!   

Dream big  

Aim for the stars and set a high fundraising goal. Your passion for helping seriously ill patients can be a powerful motivator to get your friends and family involved.  

Don’t underestimate small donations

Your fundraiser can be successful with donations of any size. When asking your loved ones to contribute, be sure to remind them that any amount can make a world of difference for someone in need of life-saving treatment. 

Keep it fun  

The healthcare affordability crisis is a somber issue, but that doesn’t mean your fundraiser has to be.  

No matter what the occasion, your fundraiser can be a joyful celebration of a birthday, the memory of a loved one, or a specific patient community. 

Other ways to give