Congressional directory

Your elected officials use social media—a lot! And can you too. It may seem daunting or even intimidating to contact your members of Congress, but remember—they want to hear from you.

Tell your elected officials about challenges you face as their constituent, including policies or laws that impact your lifestyle, health, and well-being. You can also share your appreciation too! If your senator supports a policy that makes your life better, thank her or him. The bottom line: be strategic and thoughtful in your advocacy efforts.

On the advocacy section of our website, we make it easy for you to identify your members of Congress. All you need to do is input your name and home address and we will match you with both your state representatives and senators.

However, you can use the following links to find your members of Congress.

Congressional calendars

For the best results, time your messages accordingly.

The House and Senate calendars denote when each chamber is in session or in recess. When the House and Senate are in recess, this is an ideal time to meet with a Member when they are back in the district or attend a town hall to share your views.