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About the Disease

A venous leg ulcer (VLU), also known as chronic venous leg ulcer, is an ulcer that develops when there is higher than normal pressure within the veins. VLU is a chronic disease that affects the circulatory system.

Source: National Institutes of Health

Diagnosis Codes

ICD-10: I83.001, I83.002, I83.003, I83.004, I83.005, I83.008, I83.009, I83.011, I83.012, I83.013, I83.014, I83.015, I83.018, I83.019, I83.021, I83.022, I83.023, I83.024, I83.025, I83.028, I83.029, I83.201, I83.202, I83.203, I83.204, I83.205, I83.208, I83.209, I83.211, I83.212, I83.213, I83.214, I83.215, I83.218, I83.219, I83.221, I83.222, I83.223, I83.224, I83.225, I83.228, I83.229, I87.011, I87.012, I87.013, I87.019, I87.031, I87.032, I87.033, I87.039, I87.311, I87.312, I87.313, I87.319, I87.331, I87.332, I87.333, I87.339, L89.500, L89.501, L89.502, L89.503, L89.504, L89.509, L89.510, L89.511, L89.512, L89.513, L89.514, L89.519, L89.520, L89.521, L89.522, L89.523, L89.524, L89.529, L89.600, L89.601, L89.602, L89.603, L89.604, L89.609, L89.610, L89.611, L89.612, L89.613, L89.614, L89.619, L89.620, L89.621, L89.622, L89.623, L89.624, L89.629, L97.101, L97.102, L97.103, L97.104, L97.105, L97.106, L97.108, L97.109, L97.111, L97.112, L97.113, L97.114, L97.115, L97.116, L97.118, L97.119, L97.121, L97.122, L97.123, L97.124, L97.125, L97.126, L97.128, L97.129, L97.201, L97.202, L97.203, L97.204, L97.205, L97.206, L97.208, L97.209, L97.211, L97.212, L97.213, L97.214, L97.215, L97.216, L97.218, L97.219, L97.221, L97.222, L97.223, L97.224, L97.225, L97.226, L97.228, L97.229, L97.311, L97.312, L97.313, L97.314, L97.315, L97.316, L97.318, L97.319, L97.321, L97.322, L97.323, L97.324, L97.325, L97.326, L97.328, L97.329, L97.801, L97.802, L97.803, L97.804, L97.805, L97.806, L97.808, L97.809, L97.811, L97.812, L97.813, L97.814, L97.815, L97.816, L97.818, L97.819, L97.821, L97.822, L97.823, L97.824, L97.825, L97.826, L97.828, L97.829, L97.901, L97.902, L97.903, L97.904, L97.905, L97.906, L97.908, L97.909, L97.911, L97.912, L97.913, L97.914, L97.915, L97.916, L97.918, L97.919, L97.921, L97.922, L97.923, L97.924, L97.925, L97.926, L97.928, L97.929