Conflict of interest policy

As an independent, public charity with a critical, life-saving mission, PAN is accountable to our patients, supporters, and the public, and is committed to complying with all laws and regulations. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our Conflict of Interest policy is a cornerstone of this commitment and is in place to protect the interests of our patients and ensure that the delivery of our mission and services is free of outside influence, loyalty, or desire for personal gain.

Board-approved policy ensures ethical approach and integrity

As an independent charitable foundation, PAN is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of compliance, integrity, and operational excellence, free from any donor or external influence.

Our Board of Directors has developed, approved, and oversees our Conflict of Interest policy, ensuring clear guidelines for all PAN Foundation team members—including Board members, officers, and staff— to uphold the highest ethical standards and avoid conflicts that may compromise our mission. Annually, all Board members, officers, and staff are required to identify potential conflicts of interest with donors, contractors, or vendors. Board members provide updates before each Board meeting if necessary.

The Conflict of Interest policy is intended to supplement, but not replace, all applicable state or federal laws governing independent patient assistance foundations, charitable organizations, and the fiduciary duties owed by directors and employees to such organizations.

Policy in practice

Our Conflict of Interest policy is more than just a set of guidelines—it is a core part of our operations.

Here are some examples of how our policy works in practice:

  • Our Board members have diverse backgrounds and expertise. We take care to ensure that no single interest or viewpoint dominates our decision-making process. 
  • Our Board members and employees must disclose any interests or relationships that could create a conflict of interest or could influence our decision-making. 
  • We have established policies and procedures to ensure that our grants are awarded fairly, on a first-come, first-serve basis.  
  • We work closely with healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups to ensure that our services meet the needs of patients. However, we maintain our independence and do not allow outside organizations to influence our decision-making. 
  • Any PAN team member aware of a potential or actual violation of our Conflict of Interest policy can anonymously contact our compliance hotline and make a report. PAN has a non-retaliation policy to protect team members who report concerns or compliance issues. Learn more about how to report.
  • We regularly review and update our policy to ensure it remains effective and relevant to the changing healthcare landscape. 

Our Conflict of Interest policy is essential to maintaining the trust of our patients and supporters. It helps us ensure that our mission and services are delivered with integrity and excellence and enables us to continue providing vital assistance to patients in need.