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Stand with PAN on action day

We’re working toward a future where equitable access and affordability for all is a reality.

We aren’t there yet, but with the power of our collective voices, we can get there.

Each year, PAN hosts our Virtual Day of Action, inviting passionate advocates to join us as we call on lawmakers to stand up and champion legislative priorities and issues that impact millions of patients and their loved ones across the US.

Join our advocacy community

Join the PAN Foundation for our annual Virtual Day of Action. Urge Congress to put patients first through our quick and easy online advocacy platform.

Participating is easy and can be done from anywhere you can connect to the internet or make a phone call. No advocacy experience is necessary to take part in our virtual event.

Whether you are a PAN grant recipient, caregiver, healthcare professional, or someone passionate about making a difference, your voice matters!

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The history of PAN’s action day

PAN held our first ‘Action Day’ in 2022, rallying our advocates across all U.S. states and territories to call on Congress to support common-sense, patient-first legislation.

During our inaugural event, we called on Congress to support key Medicare reforms through the Inflation Reduction Act. When those reforms were signed into law, we celebrated an important policy win for patients. You can learn about those reforms and the timeline for implementation in our Medicare reforms guide.

In 2023, our advocates brought their message to Washington, DC. PAN grant recipients and their loved ones from across the country converged on Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress, share their lived experience, and ask for support for policies that continue to lower out-of-pocket costs and increase healthcare access and affordability. Thousands of supporters from across the country also rallied together for PAN’s second Virtual Day of Action, sending more than 5,000 emails to legislators, echoing the messages of the PAN delegation on the Hill.

Anyone who is passionate about telling their story and making a difference in healthcare access for patients is encouraged to join us.