2022 Annual Report

In 2022, the PAN Foundation helped 132,729 patients by providing more than $298 million in financial assistance.

Through our charitable assistance programs and advocacy platforms, we are removing barriers to treatments, improving health outcomes, and expanding access for thousands of people each year. Our annual report introduces you to some of the people we serve and the positive impact we had on their lives in 2022.

Our patient reach

Each year, we serve hundreds of thousands of economically vulnerable patients with life-threatening, chronic, and serious illnesses across all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Map of the United States and territories with gradient colors to reflect our national reach

We also work closely with a large network of healthcare and pharmacy professionals and diverse national and community-based organizations to connect patients with the financial assistance they need and deserve.

  • 10,000+ healthcare providers and pharmacists in our network  
  • 98% of providers say they are likely to recommend PAN to their colleagues, other providers, or pharmacists  
  • 4,800+ healthcare facilities referred patients to or filed claims with PAN in 2022  

PAN is my #1 go-to place for assistance. The [online] portal is easy [to] access and continues to provide updates and notifications of patient balances and when it is time to renew or funds are low.

Marie King, financial navigator

Our impact

We hear every day from patients about the impact our life-changing support is having on their lives. In 2022, nearly all patients who completed our annual patient survey—99 percent—said they would recommend PAN to a family member or friend. These individuals said that PAN’s financial assistance relieved financial burdens, had a positive impact on their families, and improved their quality of life.

Before receiving financial assistance from PAN:

graphic that represents 5 out of 10 people

Five in 10 patients said they took fewer or smaller doses of their medications because
they were worried about the cost, including
four in 10 patients who said this happened
more than four times throughout the year.

After receiving financial assistance from PAN:

graphic representing 9 out of 10

Nine in 10 patients said that support from
PAN made it more likely for them to take their
medications as prescribed, relieved financial
burdens, had a positive impact on their family,
and improved their quality of life.

Prior to help from PAN, I had no choice but to give up breathing meds since I can’t afford the outrageous costs of inhalers. I thank God for PAN with every breath.

Faye Dollar, from Pennsylvania, living with asthma and complex regional pain syndrome

We also take pride in providing our patients with world-class service so they can be connected easily to the lifesaving support they need and deserve.

245,890 calls answered, 9.5 out of 10 is our patient and healthcare professional satisfaction score, provide support in 23 languages, processed 741,247 claims, offered 70+ disease funds, and 4 new assistance funds and initiatives

Our advocacy efforts

We continued our important advocacy efforts in 2022 by working alongside our grassroots advocates, alliance partners, and other patient advocacy organizations.

6 PAN-supported Medicare reforms enacted through the Inflation Reduction Act, 17 letters sent to Congress and the administration,10 opinion pieces, blogs, and media mentions, 18 positions statements, 3 new coalitions, and 2 national polls exploring affordability and mental health challenges facing adults  

In 2022, we also celebrated the historic Medicare reforms included in the Inflation Reduction Act, many of which have been policies PAN has advocated for over the past decade—including an annual out-of-pocket cap for prescription medications. However, we also recognize that many patients will continue to turn to us for financial assistance even once the reforms are enacted.

$2,000 is still a lot of money. I have held off taking important medication. Everything is costly; just having basic essentials is a big struggle.

Cindy Aishling from Minnesota, living with asthma

We remain steadfast in our commitment to the people we serve and working towards ensuring healthcare access, affordability, and equity for all.

Collage of patient faces