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The PAN Foundation joins the Medicare Access for Patients Rx coalition

For Immediate Release

PAN Foundation Contact:

Liz Eckert, Marketing and Communications Manager
E-mail: leckert@panfoundation.org

Washington, D.C., April 23, 2019—The PAN Foundation has joined MAPRx (Medicare Access for Patients Rx), a coalition of patient, family caregiver and health professional organizations committed to safeguarding the well-being of patients with chronic diseases and disabilities who rely on Medicare Part D, Medicare’s prescription drug coverage.

With this membership, PAN adds its voice and resources to other respected groups who collectively represent millions of Americans. “We’re pleased to be part of this important coalition. We believe that by aligning with other patient and provider groups, we are stronger together and have a larger voice for underinsured Americans,” said Dan Klein, PAN’s President and CEO.

Coalition members include the Alliance for Aging Research, the AIDS Institute, the Arthritis Foundation, Caregiver Action Network, National Health Council, National Council on Aging and more. These organizations share PAN’s concern about ensuring that the Medicare Part D prescription plan works for millions of Americans and that people have access to essential medications. Addressing high out-of-pocket costs is at the core of the coalition’s mission.

As the PAN Foundation expands its advocacy work to increase access and affordability for patients, the power of that collective voice and like-minded partnerships become ever more important. The MAPRx coalition today works with Congress, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission and all stakeholders to strengthen Part D and improve the program.

MAPRx’s 2019 priorities include:

  • Protecting Medicare Part D from cuts and changes that reduce the program’s effectiveness or burden beneficiaries.
  • Prohibiting gaps in coverage.
  • Avoiding onerous cost-shifting onto beneficiaries.
  • Curbing restrictive medication utilization management policies, like prior authorization, medication substitution or quantity limits.
  • Improving program effectiveness for beneficiaries receiving low-income subsidies.

One of the PAN Foundation’s first activities with MAPRx was to add our signature to a letter in response to a proposed rule by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to remove the Safe Harbor protection for rebates and pass on savings to patients in the Medicare Part D program.

With heightened attention on lowering out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries, the PAN Foundation looks forward to working with MAPRx to advocate for improved access and affordability of prescription medications.

About the PAN Foundation:

The PAN Foundation is an independent, nationwide 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing help and hope to underinsured patients who are unable to afford the out-of-pocket expenses for their prescribed medications. Since 2004, PAN has provided over $3 billion in financial assistance to nearly 1 million patients who would otherwise be unable to afford their medications. To learn more, visit www.panfoundation.org.

About MAPRx

Medicare Access for Patients Rx (MAPRx) is a coalition of patient, family caregiver and health professional organizations committed to safeguarding the well-being of patients with chronic diseases and disabilities who rely on Medicare’s prescription drug coverage, Medicare Part D. Convened by the Lupus Foundation of America, MAPRx consists of more than 55 patient, family caregiver, and health professional organizations committed to strengthening and protecting Medicare Part D.