Announcing our 2023 healthcare policy and education priorities

The PAN Foundation today announced its healthcare policy and education priorities for 2023, outlining six recommendations for Congress and the administration that will improve health equity and access to healthcare.

At PAN, we recognize the important role we have in increasing access to affordable care and removing long-standing health inequities. PAN commits to this responsibility through the continued expansion of our financial assistance programs, support programs, and education and outreach to patients, especially those communities that have been historically marginalized.

An intentional focus on and understanding of health inequities and disparities can serve as a catalyst for change. The PAN Foundation urges the administration and Congress to:

  • Establish a national effort to end longstanding health inequities, making healthcare affordable and accessible for all without discrimination.
  • Implement policies and advance efforts to ensure diverse enrollment in clinical trials.
  • Prohibit copay accumulators, maximizers, and similar programs that lead to greater out-of-pocket costs for commercially insured individuals.
  • Ensure continued access to telehealth services, particularly for those in rural and underserved areas.
  • Continue to enhance the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy program (also known as Extra Help) to increase enrollment and benefit more people with low incomes.
  • Expand Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing coverage and minimize out-of-pocket spending for these services.

“We recognize that the Medicare reforms enacted through the Inflation Reduction Act last year represent significant progress, but now we must focus on our next steps forward. Millions of adults across the country are depending on it,” said PAN President and CEO Kevin L. Hagan. “All levels of leadership must work together to reduce barriers to care and foster better health outcomes.”

PAN will continue to advocate for progress through legislation in 2023. We are also committed to educating patients and healthcare providers about these Medicare reforms as they take effect, ensuring that the people we serve understand each change and the timeframe for implementation.

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