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Leena Patel

Vice President of Development

Leena Patel has built her career around healthcare management, with special expertise in access and affordability issues, fundraising, compliance, health policy, and business development. As Vice President of Development, she oversees all fundraising efforts that enable PAN to carry out its mission to help people afford and access their medications.

She also identifies new donor and assistance fund opportunities. Since 2016, Leena has helped generate more than $3 billion for PAN, which translates to hundreds of thousands of people who are able to start and stay on their treatment. She enjoys building relationships through her work and any opportunity that allows her to share the impact of copay assistance programs, from conferences to podcasts to one-on-one conversations.

Prior to joining PAN, Leena served a Health Policy Associate at Applied Policy, where she worked with clients to understand and navigate the complexities of health policy and reimbursement issues and provided client-specific analyses of health care policies, rules, and regulations, with a focus on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from James Madison University and a master’s in public health with a concentration in health management and policy from the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

PAN offers a necessary lifeline for many people who have nowhere else to go for help. My job allows me to directly make an impact on those lives. I love what I do, I love my team, and I love getting to be innovative and creative in how we go about helping people.

Leena Patel