National polling: barriers to clinical trial participation

Three out of four adults with chronic illnesses are interested in clinical trials, but don’t have the information they need.

Despite racial and ethnic minority groups comprising more than 40 percent of the U.S. population, clinical trials have historically underrepresented, and even excluded, these patient communities. 

We conducted a national poll in January 2023 to better understand general perceptions around clinical trials and barriers to participation among adults with chronic illnesses.

The polling showed that 75 percent of adults are interested in learning more about clinical trials, however there are gaps in knowledge and confusion about where to find information about participating.

Infographic demonstrating 3 in 4 adults with chronic illnesses are interested in learning more about clinical trials, including percents of interest by age and race categories.

Targeted education is needed to help increase diversity in clinical trials and increase the quality of care available to all.

Key findings include:

  • Only 34% of adults polled reported that people in their communities participate in clinical trials
  • Adults reported that the barriers to participation included knowing what trials they are eligible for (58%) and knowing how to apply for trials (49%)
  • 8-in-10 adults with chronic illnesses said they had never discussed the option of participating in a clinical trial with a healthcare professional, though they consider them a trusted source of information