A milestone in support: 1 million patients served

Dear friends, 

It is my great privilege to announce that the PAN Foundation has reached a huge organizational milestone, surpassing 1 million grant recipients served.  

Since I joined PAN in September, I have had a chance to speak with many of our staff members, board members, and supporters and I have heard the same thing from each of them: the people we serve are the heart of our organization.  

Our first million grant recipients are living with chronic and serious illness across all U.S. states and territories, and with the support of our incredible donors, we have helped them start and stay on life-saving treatment, afford groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic, and even get to their doctor’s appointments.  

It’s incredibly rewarding to think about the sighs of relief, tears of joy, and happy phone calls that have followed each notification that a PAN grant has been approved. We know the ripple effect is much greater than 1 million and that our financial assistance has eased the burden for caregivers, loved ones, friends, and more. We are honored to play a role in giving our grant recipients extra holidays with loved ones, extra hugs from children and grandchildren, and extra time to pursue their passions. 

Though I am proud of our staff and our work, this milestone is bittersweet. We are thrilled to have offered financial support to more than 1 million patients, but we are reminded of the heartbreaking decisions many more face each day. Nearly 60 percent of Americans have delayed or gone without essential medical care because of high out-of-pocket costs. Many of our grant recipients have shared with us that before finding a grant, they rationed their medications or stopped taking them when their out-of-pocket prescription costs exceeded their means.  

The need for Medicare reform to ease the burdens on those living with chronic and serious diseases is immense. I’m confident that our continued advocacy work, including the impressive showing from our grassroots advocates, will continue to move the needle. I look forward to the day when our elected officials pass legislation to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all.  

In the meantime, our work continues.   

We are grateful to the healthcare providers and pharmacies, caregivers and loved ones, and each of our supporters for their work. Every one of you is making a difference. 

I look forward to learning more and getting to know many of our first million grant recipients. Thanks for reading.  

Yours in service,  
Kevin L. Hagan