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Provider Benefits of Working with PAN

Healthcare providers are committed to bettering the health of their patients. We also know you’re concerned how the cost of your patients’ medications and infusions will impact their path to wellness.
In fact, a recent survey of PAN providers found that more than 80 percent of healthcare providers said healthcare costs were impacting their decisions regarding medications and treatment now more than one year ago.
We know today’s unstable economy and high unemployment rates are taking a toll on patients and their access and adherence to prescribed treatments. At PAN we don’t think patients should have to choose between financial trade offs, like selling their home, or following their treatment plans. That’s why providers like you are so vital in serving as links between PAN and underinsured patients who need help to afford the co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles required for their medications.
More than 95 percent of PAN providers say PAN support has a positive impact on patients’ ability to comply with treatment. The caring and highly trained staff at PAN carefully guide providers and advocates through the application and claims process. Reasons physician practice providers can benefit from PAN:
  • Ease of billing
  • Quick payment (less than 10 business days)
  • Ability to work electronically via our Portals
  • Instant approval process
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