Welcome! A letter from the CEO

Headshot of Dan

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural issue of the PAN Foundation Blog. We’ll use this platform as a way to share more about us as an organization.

We have a great team behind the scenes here at PAN, and I hope this blog will be an opportunity for you to get to know them. We’ll also spotlight some of the folks who make PAN possible—from individual team members to providers to alliance partners and more. Be sure to check back here every month or so for a new post, and please leave us a comment with recommendations on future posts.

Serving as President and CEO of PAN has truly been a dream job. I am excited to come to the office every morning, because I get to work with a great team that is passionate about our mission and committed to helping underinsured Americans. Together with the generous support from our donors, we’ve provided over $2.5 billion in assistance to more than 700,000 underinsured Americans. That said, managing more than 50 disease funds and providing assistance to thousands of patients is more complicated than it may seem, and we continue to meet new challenges while remaining in compliance with regulatory guidelines. As an organization, we strive to continually improve our processes so we can provide a critical safety net to those in need.

Interested in learning more about what we’ve been up to this past year? Check out our Annual Report here.

And, please send us suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover here. Thanks, and welcome to the PAN blog!