Susan, Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Susan smiling outside

“I am a 74-year-old widow and former art teacher, and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 12 years ago. At the time, my neurologist said it was an indolent form of the disease, and I was able to function fairly well without medication. Within the past year, however, I experienced a very noticeable change in my illness. My gait became very labored and slow. I learned of a new medication and asked my neurologist about it. After various tests, he said that it might help me, and began the process of getting it approved for me. I was astounded when I learned of the cost, but felt that I had to try using it to improve my quality of life. If it meant cutting back on other expenses, so be it. When my specialty pharmacy informed me of the great service you provide, I was beyond grateful. Though I am only in the third week of treatment, and it is too early to see any results yet, just having the peace of mind during this trial period has helped my attitude. Not being burdened by the huge expense that goes along with receiving treatment is so helpful and appreciated. Thank you, PAN Foundation, for the wonderful and caring service you offer.” —Susan B.