Urgent: Tell Congress it’s time for Medicare reform

Congress has a chance to make prescriptions more affordable for millions.

Right now, Congress is considering passing four key provisions that would make prescriptions and vaccines more affordable through the Inflation Reduction Act. If passed, the provisions would offer huge financial relief to millions of Medicare beneficiaries who currently have no annual limit on what they pay for prescription medications.


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What’s at stake?

Medicare is the federal health insurance program that covers people 65 and over, and people with eligible disabilities of any age. There are 49 million people enrolled in Medicare Part D—the part of the program that covers prescription drugs.

Though Medicare helps adults afford their healthcare, for millions—especially those with a serious illness—the out-of-pocket costs are often prohibitive. Half of all people with Medicare have incomes below $30,000.

Today, people with Medicare are the only insured group in the U.S. that does not have an annual limit on what they pay out of pocket.

The solution

Congress has an opportunity to pass the Inflation Reduction Act through a process called budget reconciliation. This legislation will include four important provisions to lower out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications and vaccines. If approved, healthcare will be more affordable for people on Medicare.

The four provisions are:

  • People on Medicare prescription drug plans will not pay more than $2,000/year for their medications.
  • They will be also able to pay these costs in monthly installments.
  • Co-pays for vaccines will be eliminated.
  • More people with low incomes will benefit from a federal program called Extra Help that helps them pay for healthcare costs.

We are asking Congress to support these four provisions that would make healthcare more affordable. Here are three ways to engage.

Twitter: For those on Twitter, send at least one tweet directed at Congress supporting the passage of provisions that will make healthcare more affordable.

Here are 2 sample tweets you can use. Just copy and paste the text into your tweet:

speech bubble icon Congress, we’re #ReadyForReform! I’m joining the @PAN_Foundation in asking you to strengthen the Medicare Part D program and make healthcare more affordable. No one should have to choose between paying for medications or groceries.

speech bubble icon @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @Sen_JoeManchin @RonWyden @SenatorDurbin The clock is ticking on #Medicare reforms! It’s time for you to pass key reforms and provide financial relief to millions of Medicare beneficiaries. We’re all #ReadyForReform! 

Email: Use our easy form above to email your members of Congress today.

Call: Call your members of Congress using our sample script below:

speech bubble icon Hello, my name is [first name, last name], and I’m a constituent from [city/town, state]. My zip code is [your zip code]. I’m calling to ask [Representative/Senator last name] to strengthen Medicare Part D and make healthcare more affordable. 

There are are several items in the proposed Inflation Reduction Act that would help a lot of people afford their medications. First, putting a limit on what people on Medicare spend on their medications every year. A cap of $2,000 would help a lot. And second, spreading those costs throughout the year. Having to pay so much in January is difficult.

People with Medicare are the only insured group in the country without an annual limit on out-of-pocket costs. [Representative/Senator last name]’s vote can change that. Thank you for your time.

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