Provider spotlight: Cathy Haberle, Director of Cancer Support Services and Quality, St. Luke’s University Health Network

Headshot of Cathy Haberle.

1. Where do you work and what is your position?

I am the director of cancer support services and quality at St. Luke’s University Health Network. Our oncology financial managers, cancer counselors, nurse navigators, nutritionists and other support staff report to me. I have been at this position for two and a half years.

2. What is rewarding about your job?

I have an awesome team. Everyone is very friendly and open. While my current role is administrative, I am trained as a nurse, so it feels good to remove barriers for my team. It is also rewarding to work with the whole service line to make sure that we are providing the best care possible.   

3. How did you learn about the Patient Access Network Foundation?

Our financial counselors are educated about PAN during their orientation. When I first started at St. Luke’s, they informed me about PAN. I also learned more about your organization through the Association of Community Cancer Centers’ reimbursement guide. 

4. How has the PAN Foundation affected your patients?

Patients are so extremely grateful when they get their assistance. The impact goes beyond the patient—there are ripples across the whole team. Everyone is grateful to be able to help. I’ve seen patients base their treatment decisions on finances, and we never want that to be the reason that they choose not to get treatment. We’re thankful that there are foundations like yours to help patients.

5. Can you share a little more about how PAN affected one of your patients?

One of our patients was skeptical that she would be able to get assistance. Her financial counselor submitted an application for her through PAN and the patient was approved. The patient cried and was so appreciative. She really didn’t think anyone would be able to help her. A lot people don’t believe they can get assistance that they won’t have to pay back.