PAN releases Cost-Sharing Roundtable full report and executive summary

Did you attend our Cost-Sharing Roundtable earlier this year? We’re pleased to share the full Proceedings Report and Executive Summary of the event, hosted in collaboration with The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®).

With the theme The Patient Assistance Safety Net: How Many Need Help? How Many Are Helped?, this year’s Roundtable was our best-attended event to date, and it included timely and relevant discussion on the patient assistance safety net. Presenters and panelists—from academic institutions, health policy organizations and charitable foundations—shared their findings and experiences with financial hardships faced by patients, and how these burdens can be mitigated. With a focus on Medicare beneficiaries and safety net organizations, the 2018 Cost-Sharing Roundtable facilitated important conversations on illness-related financial toxicity and potential strategies to address this challenging and complex problem.