PAN Hosts Cost-Sharing Roundtable focusing on the Patient Assistance Safety Net

In collaboration with The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®), PAN hosted its third annual Cost-Sharing Roundtable in Washington, D.C., on February 23, 2018. With the theme, “The Patient Assistance Safety Net: How Many Need Help? How Many Are Helped?,” the Roundtable convened thought leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss the safety net and consequences of financial hardship and out-of-pocket costs for patients.

Anna Hyde, Kavita Patel, Emiliy Gibb, Edmund F. Haislmair, and Ilisa Halpern Paul in "Policy Considerations to Improve Access and Reduce Financial Hardship" panel
From the “Policy Considerations to Improve Access and Reduce Financial Hardship” panel, left to right: Anna Hyde, Vice President of Advocacy and Access, Arthritis Foundation; Kavita Patel, MD, Nonresident Fellow, Economic Studies, Center for Health Policy, Brookings Institution; Emily Gibb, MA, Interim Vice President, Public Policy & Patient Assistance, GSK; Edmund F. Haislmaier, Preston A. Wells Jr., Senior Research Fellow in Domestic Policy Studies, the Heritage Foundation; and Ilisa Halpern Paul, President, District Policy Group.

The event explored cost-sharing challenges faced by Medicare beneficiaries, and the impact of these challenges on healthcare providers and clinical practice. Panelists and speakers discussed short- and long-term policy solutions, and charitable foundation leaders provided insight on recent patient assistance trends and the work they are doing to help patients. With over 175 attendees, the Roundtable also featured presentations from the winners of the 2017 PAN Challenge, which will be published in the AJMC®’s March 2018 supplement. Find articles and panelist interviews here.

Dan Klein, Clorinda Walley, Michele McCourt, and Cliff Goodman in "The Patient Assistance Safety Net" How Many Need Help? How Many are Helped?" panel.
From the “The Patient Assistance Safety Net: How Many Need Help? How Many are Helped?” panel, left to right: Dan Klein, President and CEO, PAN Foundation; Clorinda Walley, President, Good Days; Michele McCourt, Senior Director, CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation; and Cliff Goodman, PhD, Senior Vice President, The Lewin Group.