On the line with Arielle: Meet PAN’s program representatives

In this blog series, we’re pleased to introduce you to our wonderful call center representatives who understand the financial hardships that may come with a diagnosis and are on the line, ready to offer caring and compassionate service.

Meet Arielle, a PAN Program Representative who shares with us a little about herself, her work and how she creates unforgettable connections with the people she’s helped.

Headshot of Arielle

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Helping individuals in need is something that brings me fulfillment. Being able to play a part in something like this, allows me to experience compassion, help people in need and go an extra mile for them.

What’s been your most memorable phone conversation with a patient or provider?

A mother and daughter called to enroll the mother into our Metastatic Breast Cancer Disease Fund. When it was determined that the mother was approved and officially a member of the PAN Foundation, they began to cry and almost jump in excitement and joy. It was a very emotional call and it was the very reason I love doing what we do here at the PAN Foundation.

Tell us something that others would be surprised to know about you.

I am a professional photographer.

What advice would you give to a healthcare provider or pharmacist interested in working with PAN?

We can create an online portal account for them so that they can keep track of their patients, renew their grants online, check grant balances and more. I really do think it is a great help for busy provider offices that do not necessarily have time to call our customer service line to get this information.

What makes for a great phone conversation with patients?

Be understanding, show empathy, be perceptive and patient, and don’t take anything personally—we are here to provide help and support for those in need.