Modernize the Medicare Part D benefit design


The Medicare Part D structure should be modernized to reflect the current prescription drug landscape. Changes to the benefit design should improve access to medications for Medicare Part D beneficiaries. 

The administration and Congress should modernize the Medicare Part D benefit design to reduce the financial burden on beneficiaries.

Why Congress should modernize Medicare Part D

The Part D program and its beneficiaries have seen significant health spending growth over the last decade. Between 2007 and 2017, Part D spending increased from $46 to $80 billion. The current benefit design is not working to control costs for the Medicare program or its patients.

Little did I know that the five different immunotherapies and oral drugs I need would cost as much as $23,000 a month. I truly feel I am living as well as I am today because of the generosity of PAN.

Theresa Ann Grigsby, New Hampshire, living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Part D reforms should reduce the financial burden on enrollees and improve access to prescription medications. Several proposals include harmonizing the drug benefit under Part B and Part D or shifting some of the government’s cost-sharing responsibilities to insurers and the pharmaceutical industry.

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