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Healthcare providers are committed to bettering the health of their patients. They also are concerned about how the cost of patients’ prescribed treatments will impact their ability to best manage their disease. We are here to help.

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Are high co-pays preventing your patients from accessing their critical treatments?

We can help. PAN is the fastest, most dependable way for your underinsured patients with life-threatening, chronic or rare diseases to receive critical financial assistance. We also understand that treatments can’t wait, so we provide instant eligibility determination so your patients can get the help they need right away.

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Or call 1-866-316-7263

Claims Support

We offer PAN providers useful and timely information to help expedite the claims process.

Webinar Library

PAN’s Webinar Library features webinars on a variety of topics specific to providers.

Contact Us

If your organization is interested in working with PAN, contact Ayesha Azam, Senior Director of Medical Affairs.

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