Health Equity in Action

PAN Foundation and CVS Specialty present a four-part webinar series for healthcare professionals on strategies for advancing health equity

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The PAN Foundation and CVS Specialty present a four-part webinar series to equip healthcare professionals and advocates with actionable strategies to help patients break down barriers to care.

Each webinar convenes a diverse group of leading subject matter experts for critical conversations covering various topics, from mental health services to clinical trials to the unique challenges and needs in rural communities.

All four webinars in the series are hosted and moderated by Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron, a passionate and highly regarded Fortune 100 corporate executive, physician, advocate, and transformative change agent. In addition to leading a strategic healthcare advisory firm, Dr. Richardson-Heron recently served as the chief patient officer at Pfizer, where she played a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s efforts to increase diversity in the landmark COVID-19 clinical trial and advance patient-focused programs and health equity.

Headshot of Dara Richardson-Heron
Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron

Webinar topics:

PAN is committed to eliminating longstanding health inequities and addressing key social drivers of health, particularly those that impact historically marginalized communities. Empowering healthcare providers and advocates to act around health equity through this webinar series is just one more step towards meeting this commitment.

Part one: Understanding health inequities

April 26, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. ET

An introduction to the concept of health equity and the consequences of health inequities.

Watch a recording of this webinar on YouTube.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explain the concept of health equity and the consequences of health inequities.   
  • Identify opportunities to advance health equity for underserved populations.  
  • Define the Cultural Humility Imperative and why it matters.  
  • Describe real-world examples of how organizations have achieved their health equity goals.  
  • Employ practical strategies to address health disparities.    


Joel Helle, Vice President of Physician Services for CVS Specialty
A pharmacist by training, Helle has over 25 years of experience in addressing patient needs and challenges. Today, he manages CVS Specialty’s relationships with specialty patient support groups—ensuring a commitment to patients with health disparities.

Headshot of James Ridley

James Ridley, Senior Manager of Clinical Affairs at the PAN Foundation
Before joining PAN, Ridley worked in retail pharmacy management, then spent several years as a pharmacist for the Department of Defense, where he gained valuable experience in medication management and patient care.

Part two: Mitigating barriers to mental health services

June 22, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify barriers that prevent individuals from receiving mental health services
  • Recognize disparities that exist among different populations
  • Understand the prevalence of mental health disparities in underserved communities
  • Explain the impact of mental health barriers nationally and locally
  • Implement effective strategies to mitigate barriers in your practice and promote access to mental health care for all individuals

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Part three: Expanding diversity in clinical trials

September 2023

Details to be announced.

Part four: Addressing the needs of rural communities

December 2023

Details to be announced.