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The impact of PAN assistance

In our current healthcare system, charitable organizations like PAN play a critical role in providing a financial safety net for underinsured people. Keep reading to find out how we’re making a difference in people’s lives—and in the healthcare system as a whole.

Our grants improve access to treatment for people in need

$4 billion

in financial assistance to help underinsured people pay for treatment.

Nearly 1 million

people helped across the U.S.


financial assistance programs.

Our impact reaches across the country

We serve people across all 50 U.S. states and overseas territories.

map of patients assisted

Our financial assistance increases medication adherence and quality of life

Financial costs keep many underinsured people from getting the treatments they need—and taking their medications as prescribed. In our recent survey, over half said that before receiving financial assistance from PAN, they had skipped doses or taken smaller amounts of their medication due to cost.

The inability to pay for critical treatments not only reduces adherence to treatment. It also causes stress and reduces quality of life.



Said they were more likely to take their medications as prescribed after receiving financial assistance

Read our full research brief (PDF)
Reported PAN’s help increased their ability to pay other medical bills 86%
Said PAN’s assistance improved their quality of life 92%
Read our full research brief (PDF)

Our impact goes beyond financial assistance

In addition to helping people directly with financial assistance, we also partner with leading patient advocacy groups to provide education and support services for people with a range of serious health conditions. And, we work to advocate on behalf of patients to help bring long-term solutions to the complex problems of today’s healthcare system.

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