15 years of helping patients: Celebrating PAN’s impact

Infographic of PAN helping patients for 15 years

The PAN Foundation is incredibly proud to celebrate 15 years of helping patients living with life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases access their medical treatment.

We were founded in 2004 to serve as a safety net for the thousands of Americans who found themselves in need of a prescription drug they could not afford.

Since then, rising premiums, deductibles and copays for prescription medications have continued to soar, leaving many people to make unthinkable choices in order to pay for their treatment, or to skip their medication altogether.

Here at PAN, over the last 15 years we have witnessed the need for patient assistance continue to grow. Since 2008, we have received over 3.7 million calls from patients, caregivers and their healthcare providers or pharmacists to request financial assistance.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped nearly one million patients afford their medications with grants that never have to be repaid.

In addition, we’re very grateful for our network of 32,400 healthcare providers and pharmacists across the U.S. These dedicated healthcare professionals forge crucial relationships with their patients and connect them with financial assistance, ensuring they can quickly start and stay on medical treatment.

We could not do this important work without the generous support of our donors, patient advocacy partners, and network of healthcare providers and pharmacists. Thank you for making all of this possible.