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PAN's Travel Assistance Services

PAN Foundation is pleased to offer travel assistance for patients with Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer.


PAN Travel Assistance FAQ's


When a patient needs to travel to a treatment center for their qualifying therapy, who will handle the patient’s travel assistance needs?


Patient Access Network has dedicated travel associates to assist patients with their travel needs. Once the travel associates know the schedule of patient’s treatment dates, they can work with the patient to coordinate travel to the treatment center. All travel plans must be reviewed and approved by the patient. An itinerary will be mailed to patients once travel services have been scheduled.


What kind of travel options will be available to patients?


Patients will have the option of choosing any number of travel options depending on the distance that the patient must travel to a treatment site and the services the fund covers. Options for patients may include mileage reimbursement, car service, flights, trains, and hotel reservations.

Question: What are the hours of operation for the Travel Assistance program?

PAN case managers and travel associates are available Monday- Friday, 9am to 8pm EST. Patient Access Network’s toll free number is (866) 316-PANF (7263).

Question:How are patients directed to the travel associates who coordinate the CRPC Travel Assistance program?

Patients will be directed to the travel associates by:
• Calling 1-866-316-PANF (7263)
• Select “6” at the initial phone selection prompt to be directed to a Travel Assistance Specialist.

Question:Can patients receive grant benefits from Co-Pay Assistance programs and a Travel Assistance program at the same time? If so, how can I apply?

Yes, patients may receive grant benefits from both programs if they meet eligibility criteria for each program. Patients may inquire with the Patient Access Network case managers or travel associates regarding both programs.

Question:Are only Medicare patients eligible for the Travel Assistance programs?

No. The Travel Assistance programs are open to all patients, regardless of insurance status.

Question:Do I need to provide income documentation as part of the application process?

Patients applying to one of the Travel Assistance programs do not need to provide income documentation as part of the eligibility process. A small number of randomly selected patients will need to provide income documentation as part of our auditing process after their applications have been reviewed.

Question:What are the travel distance eligibility requirements for the Travel Assistance program?

CRPC: Patients must be required to travel more than 20 miles from the treatment site to become eligible for the CRPC Travel Assistance program. Exceptions will be made for patients who live within the city limits of select metropolitan areas. For only patients in the select metropolitan areas, the distance requirement is 5 miles.

The select metropolitan areas of exception are:
• New York, New York
• Los Angeles, California
• Chicago, Illinois
• Houston, Texas
• Atlanta, Georgia
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
• Washington, DC

Question:Will patients who are approved for travel assistance receive a debit card to assist with travel expenses?

Yes, patients will receive a debit card to assist with mileage and meal expenses while traveling to a treatment site. Patients will be reimbursed at the standard mileage rate determined by the IRS. The meal allowance will be determined by specific meal rates based on length of travel. The cards will be proactively loaded with the approved funding amount prior to the treatment dates.

Question:How will approved patients receive the debit cards?

Patients will be mailed the cards separately within a week of scheduling their travel. The cards are reusable and will be reloaded with additional amounts if a patient has travel expense needs related to multiple treatments. Patients must run the transaction as a “Credit” expense at the point of transaction.

Question:Will patients be eligible for additional assistance if they exhaust the benefit cap within their eligibility period?

Upon patient request to the Foundation, the Patient Access Network may be able to provide additional assistance.

Question:Will the Travel Assistance program support the travel expenses of multiple treatment visits?
Answer:Yes. PAN's Travel Assistance program cover patients expenses across multiple treatment visits.