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President’s Bio


 Patrick McKercher





Patrick McKercher, RPh, PhD, is President of Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation. His career spans hospital pharmacy practice, academia and the pharmaceutical industry. As Executive Director for Corporate Initiatives at the Upjohn Company, a pharmaceutical company which eventually merged into the Pfizer Company, he was responsible for providing policy analysis and strategic advice to senior management and the Upjohn Washington office. His research and publications focus on pharmaceutical policy.

Dr. McKercher brings a unique set of experiences and skills to the office of President of this charitable foundation focused on providing financial assistance to patients facing hardship from cost-sharing burdens associated with progressive and innovative therapies. The unintended consequences of cost-sharing include barriers to access with the result of uninitiated or abandoned therapies. His value to PAN is bringing a keen awareness of the importance of compliance with anti-kickback statutes and resultant guidance provided by the Office of the Inspector General. His enthusiasm for therapies coupled with his research and involvement in health policy are a unique combination valuable to the mission of PAN.

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